sports performance hypnosis
sports performance hypnosis
sports performance hypnosis

Learn How Sports Performance Hypnosis Can Improve Your Game

The Importance of Self Talk
Have you ever felt things were going great and then just suddenly reversed? The average person self-talks an average of between 150 and 300 words a minute. That comes out to somewhere between 45,000 to 51,000 thoughts a day. Much of what we say to ourselves is neutral but depending on our life experience, some of it can be quite negative. Sports performance hypnosis reverses these negative thoughts and serves to encode positive self-talk deeply into the athlete's mind.
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How Do I Mentally Prepare Myself for Competition?

Many athletes spend hours conditioning the body and practicing their sport attempting to perfect their skills. They give very little time, if any, to conditioning their mind to be just as ready for competition. In fact, most athletes don’t have a clue as to how they might go about the process of mental preparation. Sports performance hypnosis is an excellent way for athletes to hone in their minds to the task at hand and to achieve an ideal state of mental preparedness.
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The Importance of Controlling Arousal (Stress)
We have all had the experience of being so uptight that everything in our game suffers. I have actually worked with athletes who get so nervous before game time that they have considered not playing any more competitions. Stress tends to get a bad rap, but stress is not all bad! We need a certain amount of arousal in our body in order to feel motivated and get us ready for the task at hand. Read on to find out how sports performance hypnosis can help regulate an ideal level of stress.
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Mental Performance
Mitch Smith, LCSW is known and respected for his workshops on sports psychology in general, but specifically with how sports performance hypnosis is utilized as a tool for focusing and preparing the mind for competition. Although his work with individuals is confidential under requirements of his license, he has worked with both professional and amateur athletes in a wide variety of sports.
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